Advertising Rules Reiteration

July 7, 2020

In late June I dedicated a Daily Update to Advertising as a REALTOR® and Real Estate Broker in New Mexico.  I did this because the majority of complaints that I receive are regarding advertising.  Specifically, advertising on Facebook.

Anything and everything that you put out there that could even slightly, remotely be construed as advertising MUST include:

  • Your Name

  • Your Brokerage Name and Phone Number as Registered with the NM Real Estate Commission

If you post or share anything on property you MUST include your name, brokerage name and brokerage phone number.  Every. Single. Time.  OR I told you all about the "One-Click Away" rule (if you missed it it was in the Daily Update emailed 6/25/20 or you can find this information on, you can find everything sent in a Daily Update right there, I digress) which would be the addition of a link that goes directly to this information...just one-click away. 

If you are not the listing broker please have permission of the listing broker to share.

Members who use a company to post for you on social media this includes you as well.  This information must be included.

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