Supra Sunday Part 5: SupraWEB - Settings & Emails

So we talked about reports – let’s now talk about how to customize your emails.

To customize your emails the buyer's broker receive from you, click on the SETTINGS tab 1. Click on General Email

2. Determine if the email address in the top of the screen is correct. If not, update to your current email address.

Note: If the email address reverts back, you should contact Kayla or me to correct the address in SupraNET.

3. Determine which emails you want to receive and click in the appropriate boxes.

  • Showing Notification (for all keyboxes)

  • This report will provide you details on all the showings from your Keyboxes that you have in your inventory.

  • When someone shows a listing, if you have the Keybox in your inventory, you will then receive an email notification. If you are an eKEY Keyholder, you can receive notifications right from your eKEY app. These notifications will provide the showings agent’s name, contact information, the time and date of the showing.

  • Feedback Emails

  • So you have requested to receive feedback from the buyer’s broker regarding a listing of yours and you want to know as soon as that agent provide the feedback. Click on the box for Feedback Emails.

  • Reminder Emails

  • Maybe as the buyer’s broker I want to provide feedback on the listings I have shown – Just click on the box to remind yourself.

  • Listing Update Emails

  • Or what about receiving an email regarding a listing have shown and there is an update – by click this box, you can receive an email from the listing broker with such an update.

If you would like to personalize your emails and reports, you can add a picture and/or your signature. This can be done from the General email or Scheduled Email Settings.

As brokers, you are all very busy and maybe you do not want to be bombarded with emails, go ahead into the Scheduled Email from the settings tab.

To Schedule your emails –

  • Choose the frequency you want to have

  • Weekly – what day of the week you want it

  • Monthly – 1st of the month, 15th of the month or end of the month

  • Check if you want feedback or not

  • And then click Save

And for the eKEY® users, you can configure showing activity to appear on your eKEY®. You can choose 1 – 7 days.

Now we will see some email examples ….. This is the email for showing notifications.

This is an example of the what the showing agent will receive letting them know they have feedback on one of their listings.

Now if the showing broker clicks on the feedback reminder bubble in SupraWEB, it will take them to the example here. They can answer the drop-down questions. If the listing broker has customized questions particular to that listing, they will appear at the bottom of the page. The showing broker can respond to the questions as they see fit. Click submit and it will be sent to the listing broker's email.

Here is an example of the email the listing broker will receive once the showing broker provides the feedback.

When there is a change to a listing, the listing broker may create an email notifying all prior showing brokers of this change. Just click on the white envelope.

This is where the listing broker can notify the showing brokers of updates on a listing that they have shown in the past 2 years. Now the showing broker does need to check the box in the general settings to receive this notification.

Enter the information in the Body and send.

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