Online Election for 2021 Officer and Directors: Important Info on Casting Your Vote

Your little, ole association is moving into the 21st Century!  This will be our first year to hold elections online! so bear with us as Kayla and I learn about this process right along with you.

The program that we are using, ElectionBuddy, came highly recommended from multiple REALTOR® associations across the country.  Here's what I like and what cemented this company to handle our online election:

Security!  They have a high level of security to ensure that this election is handled fairly.

Integrity and Ballot Access

  1. High Integrity

  2. How voters access the ballot:

  3. A voter notice is delivered to each voter, which contains the voter's unique voter link (a website address that contains an access key and takes the voters straight to the ballot). The notice is delivered by email and text message

  4. Alternatively, voters can access the ballot by using a web browser to visit the access link,, where they are prompted to enter their access key. The access link can be added to any website.

  5. An access key (a unique, random combination of 16 individual alpha-numeric characters) is required to access the ballot.

  6. When ElectionBuddy is used to deliver the notice, the access keys/voter links are withheld from the election administrator; when an administrator prints or views the key, ElectionBuddy takes note of these actions and the date and time they occurred 

  7. Who generates the keys to access the ballot:

  8. ElectionBuddy creates the access keys - one key is created for each of your voters. 

  9. How many times voters can submit their ballot:

  10. The access key can be used only once; therefore, voters can only vote once. 

  1. Voting begins Monday, November 2, 2020

  2. Voting ends Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.

Voting: The Online Process

  1. You will receive an email notice and a text message Monday with a link and your access code.

  2. Open your voter notice and follow the instructions: to access the ballot either click on the link in the email or copy the link and paste it into  your  browser's address bar. Both methods will automatically take you to the ballot for the election.

  3. If you have not been provided with a notice or an access key, please contact Deena, 257-4750 or The voting key is a unique, randomly-generated code. The keys are single-use, meaning you can only submit your vote once.

  4. Enter your choices on the ballot: Once at the ballot, the general process is "make your choices," - but  the exact process will be determined by the type of election that is being run. You should see instructions both at the top of the page and at the top of each position or question on the ballot. The instructions specific to each type of voting method being used per question will be outlined in the instructions specific to each question. After you have filled out the ballot, click on "Verify Your Selection".

  5. Verify the ballot and submit: This will take you to the second page in the voting process: on this page, you confirm that your ballot is filled out the way you would like, and then you click "Submit" to send your ballot to ElectionBuddy to be counted.

  6. Upon a successful vote, a "Thank you!" message will appear on a confirmation page.  In either case, you can always print your confirmation page as a record of your successful ballot submission.

Voting: The Onsite Process

  1. If you would prefer to cast your vote in person you may do so at from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M, November 2 - November 12, 1pm.

  2. Please make an appointment, if possible, so we can limit the number of people in the office at one time.

  3. Masks are required.

  4. The process is exactly the same as past processes for absentee voting.

  5. Come in, complete your ballot and insert into locked ballot box.

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