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RLCAR relies on volunteers as a vital component to our growth, strength and success. We are currently seeking out members who would be interested in volunteering for various committees at the Association. Not sure which committee you want to get involved with? We have a full list below.

If you are considering being a volunteer for a RLCAR Committee, please email for more information.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are constituted to perform a continuing function and remain in existence permanently. Standing committees are created by the Bylaws.

​​Bylaws & Policy Committee: 

  • Purpose:  This committee keeps the Association’s Bylaws current with respect to NAR mandates and local issues. Benefits the membership through compliance with NAR bylaws to maintain our charter and establish rules for the organization. This committee should meet at least once per year. Document policies and procedures of the Association when new structures or functions arise. Another aspect of the committee is reviewing existing policies and procedures and updating them to reflect current structures and functions of the Association as they change. Review, analyze, and revise policies and procedures to ensure conformity with changes in the Association's Bylaws.

  • Composition: The Bylaws & Policy Committee shall consist of as many members deemed necessary.

  • Qualifications: Must be a REALTOR® in good standing of RLCAR.

  • Term: Two-year term staggered.

Education Committee: 

  • Purpose:  This committee is charged with providing educational opportunities for members’ personal development, growth and success in their profession. Creativity, excitement, meeting member needs, focusing on the future must be considered. This committee shall plan, promote, and implement several educational programs, including professional designations, licensing renewal courses, and special seminars throughout the year. This committee will also work with association staff in the planning of educational and membership development programs

  • Composition: The Education Committee  shall consist of as many members deemed necessary.

  • Qualifications: Must be a REALTOR® in good standing of RLCAR.

  • Term: One-year term

Finance Committee: 

  • Purpose: This committee is responsible for preparation of a budget for the following year, which is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.  This committee will meet monthly to review and discuss the financials and investments for the association making recommendations to the Board of Directors.  The Secretary/Treasurer will serve on this committee as the chairperson and shall remain on the committee the following year as a voting, ex-officio member.

  • Composition: The Budget & Finance Committee shall consist of at least five (5) members.

  • Qualifications: Must be a REALTOR® in good standing of RLCAR, a background in finance is helpful

  • Term: One-year term

RPAC Committee

  • Purpose: Reviews local, state and national legislation affecting the real estate industry.  Distributes information about various legislative issues to include “Calls for Action” to all local members.  Assist the state RPAC committee with the annual REALTORS® Political Action Committee fundraising campaign. The committee will recommend real estate related issues not individual candidates for the Ruidoso/Lincoln County Association’s Board of Director approval to take a stand on.  The Committee will survey, consult and educate the membership via email, etc. concerning the issues the RLCAR has become involved in.  Provide the membership with direct email and web site links to the issues. The committee will encompass four major activities:  legislative activity, issue/position development, fundraising for the political action committee, and grassroots involvement.  The committee will monitor legislative issues and proposed rules which may affect REALTORS® or private property rights in Lincoln County, NM.​

  • Duties and Strategic Direction:

    • Plans and executes a minimum of 1 RPAC fundraiser per year.

    • Plans and executes programs to educate and promote importance of REALTOR Party

    • Plans and executes at least two (2) initiatives or activities in each of the "Vote-Act-Invest" goals in accordance with the Strategic Plan and Core Standards Compliance Advocacy component.

  • Composition: The Legislative/RPAC Committee shall consist of as many members deemed necessary

  • Qualifications: Must be a REALTOR® in good standing of RLCAR

  • Term: One-year term

MLS Committee

  • Purpose: :  Oversees the operation of the MLS and implements the MLS Rules and Regulations under the guidance and direction of the Board of Directors and according to the provisions of the NAR Multiple Listing Rules and Regulations. Recommend changes to the Multiple Listing Rules and Regulations for approval by the Board of Directors. Monitor the participation of members and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the enforcement of Rules and Regulations. Monitor and suggest changes/updates to the MLS platform regularly. Recommend, interpret, disseminate, and enforce the MLS Rules and Regulations. All members of the Committee shall be an RLCAR MLS Participant or Subscriber.  

  • Composition: The MLS Committee shall consists of at least five (5) but no more than seven (7) members

  • Qualifications: Must be a REALTOR® in good standing of RLCAR

  • Term: Two-year staggered term

Nominating Committee

  • Purpose: This committee prepares a slate of candidates for the elective offices of the Board of Directors.  The committee will contact members to determine whether or not a member agrees to serve if elected.  The members’ names will be placed on a ballot, which will be presented to the Board of Directors for ratification before the ballot is distributed to the membership.  There is a timetable outlined in the Bylaws and in this policy manual that needs to be followed to ensure that the election follows the procedure and timing as required by the Bylaws

  • Composition: The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Immediate Past President as Vice Chair and Immediate Past Past President as Chair and at least three (3) members

  • Qualifications: Must be a REALTOR® in good standing of RLCAR

  • Term: One-year term

​Property Management Committee

  • Purpose: This committee is comprised of short-term rental managers and long-term property managers who are Qualifying Brokers or their Associate Broker representative.  Committee responsibilities include reviewing local, state and national property management issues affecting the real estate industry.  They will represent REALTORS® at various Village Governmental meetings when needed and report back to the RLCAR Board of Directors.  Recommend to the Board of Directors issues to monitor and/or take action on.

  • Composition: The Property Management Committee shall consist shall consist of as many members deemed necessary

  • Qualifications: Short term rental managers and long term property managers who are Qualifying Brokers or their Associate Broker representative.

  • Term: One-year term.

REALTOR® of the Year Committee

  • Purpose: The committee will meet to review the nominations from the membership for selection of the REALTOR® of the Year award. 

  • Composition: The REALTOR® of the Year Committee is comprised of all former recipients of the Award still active within the Association, with the individual who received the award two (2) years past serving as Chairperson. 

  • Qualifications: Must be a past REALTOR® of the Year and active with the Association.

  • Term: Not applicable

Scholarship Committee

  • Purpose: This committee will review scholarship criteria and submit any recommended revisions to the Board of Directors for approval prior to reviewing applications.  This committee will review the scholarship applications, select the recipients for presentation to the Board of Director approval no later the April Board of Director meeting in order to have recipients acknowledged during their graduation ceremony.

  • Composition: The Scholarship Committee shall consist of as many members deemed necessary

  • Qualifications: Must be a REALTOR® in good standing of RLCAR

  • Term: One-year term

Strategic Planning/Core Standards Committee

  • Purpose: Is to develop a strategic plan for the association and to bring Core Standards relevant to our association.  The committee is to evaluate the strategic plan to determine that goals and objectives are being met; ascertain the goals, objectives and priorities are applicable to the current industry trends.  Develop a timeline and action plan.  Determine areas of weakness in implementation and make recommendations.  Conduct member surveys and focus groups to assess member needs every three years with periodic surveys in the interim to ensure that the Association is meeting the Mission Statement.  Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on changes to the Strategic Plan.  

  • Composition: This committee is made up of all committee chairs and at least 3 other REALTOR® members.

  • Qualifications: Must be a REALTOR® in good standing of RLCAR

  • Term: One-year term


Your Professional Network Committee

  • Purpose: The mission of the RLCAR YPN Committee® is to build professional relationships, encourage communication between colleagues and develop leadership skills by coordinating networking and educational events and encouraging participation in association activities among all members. Providing brokers, no matter what stage of their career, with a support system to grow and evolve is a core concept of YPN. The RLCAR Your Professionals Network committee is a member driven organization of all ages that helps beginning (fledgling, novice) Real Estate Professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to be involved in four core areas:

    • REALTOR® Association. Attend REALTOR® conferences and pursue leadership roles within their local, state, and national associations.

    • Real Estate Industry. Take an active role in policy discussions and advocacy issues; be informed about the latest industry news and trends.

    • Peers. Network and learn from one another by attending events, participating in online communication, and seeking out mentoring opportunities. 

    • Community. Become exceptional members of their community by setting a high level of REALTOR® professionalism and volunteering for causes they feel passionate about.

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