Multiple Listing Service

Multiple Listing Service

If you are an active REALTOR® member of another association, you can choose to become a Secondary Member of RLCAR and join the MLS.

If you are a REALTOR® and wish to participate in the MLS as a secondary member, please review the following requirement:

  • Your Qualifying Broker must have secondary membership in RLCAR. 

Application requirements:

  1. Submit a "Letter of Good Standing" from your Primary Association of REALTORS®. Include:

    1. License number

    2. NRDS number 

    3. Verification and completion date of NAR Code of Ethics 

    4. Previous years' State and National dues have been paid

  2. Contact the RLCAR office for an application and the fee schedule

  3. Submit a completed and signed REALTOR® Membership Application for both the Qualifying Broker and the Associate Broker requesting secondary membership. 

  4. Provide copies of the following:

    1. Broker's real estate license

    2. Physical and mailing address, phone, and fax numbers for the office

  5. Submit list of all other licensees under the Qualifying Broker that are in his/her Primary association that will be exempt from RLCAR MLS. 

  6. Submit payment for all required fees and dues for secondary membership.


Contact the association office at (575) 257-4750 regarding required fees and dues of secondary membership.