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Education Policies

Education Policies

Continuing Education Policies and Procedures

The Ruidoso/Lincoln County Association of REALTORS® (RLCAR) will provide quality educational courses for the professional development of the membership. Education policy is based on the fact that providing quality education courses takes a tremendous amount of a time and effort in advance planning, coordination, and monetary investment on the part of the RLCAR. RLCAR is approved to sponsor and provide continuing education courses approved by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission. Course credit is subject to the rules and regulation of the New Mexico Real Estate Commission.


Live In-Person Classes and Live Online Education
  1. Registration for continuing education can be done online at or by calling the RLCAR office at (575) 257-4750. 

  2. To be eligible for member discounted prices, you must have paid current year dues to the Ruidoso/Lincoln County Association of REALTORS®. Those holding MLS-only membership are not eligible, as these are programs hosted by the REALTOR® association. If you are a provisional member and have paid all application and pro-rated dues, you are eligible to receive the member pricing. Member discounts are not retroactive.

  3. Class registration closes two (2) days before the date of the class. It will be at the discretion of the Association Executive to allow class reservations to be taken after reservations have closed.



  1. An invoice for class(es) will be emailed at least two (2) days prior to the class(es) so that payment may be made by credit, debit card or bank transfer (ACH), prior to the start of the class. 

  2. Payment is due by the day of the class(es) by either credit, debit, check or money order, no cash will be accepted. 

  3. If the attendee does not pay the day of the course, they will not receive a completion certificate, nor will they receive course credit until payment is received.



Refunds will be offered for the following situations:

  1. If RLCAR cancels a class.

  2. If the registrant cancels and notifies RLCAR in writing (email acceptable) at least 24 (twenty-four) hours in advance of the start date of the class.

  3. Students who are not present for 90% of instruction can make a written appeal to the Education Committee for consideration of an education course credit.



  1. Course check-in begins thirty (30) minutes prior to the course start time.

  2. Record of attendance will be verified by sign-in, sign out sheets.

  3. Class will begin promptly at the time noted. 

  4. Late arrivals are disruptive to the class and impact your course hour requirement.  All students are expected to arrive ON TIME.

  5. Students are expected to be present in the classroom during the entire class session to receive credit for the required course hours. 

  6. Per the New Mexico Real Estate Commission, course attendees cannot miss more than 10 minutes of any hour of the course and still receive credits. Therefore, those arriving more than 10 minutes late to the course or returning from break more than 10 minutes after class has resumed may still attend the course but will not receive credit.

  7. Courses will be monitored by instructors and RLCAR staff, and there will be absolutely no exceptions. 

  8. Class attendees who sign into a course and are unable to stay for the entire duration of the course per the Continuing Education Attendance Policy are responsible for notifying the course instructor and RLCAR staff.

  9. Class attendees who attempt to purposely deceive by signing into a course and failing to stay for the entire duration of the course per the Continuing Education policy will not receive credit for the course.

  10. Payment for the class will neither be refunded nor will it be transferable to another session.


Printing Policy

All attendees of classes that have associated materials will be provided an email PDF copy of course related materials at least one business day prior to attending the class. The class attendee may:

  1. Print the materials to bring with them to the class

  2. Bring a laptop/tablet with the materials loaded on the device to the class

  3. For an additional $5.00 (25 pages or less) RLCAR will provide a printed copy

  4. In the event the instructor prepares materials for the class and the association is invoiced for the cost of the materials, this cost will be passed on to the class attendees


The RLCAR office must be notified two (2) days in advance to reserve a printed copy. Courses with materials greater than 25 pages will not be printed by RLCAR.


Certificate of Completion

  1. RLCAR transmits electronic files with continuing education records to the NMREC after each CE class.

  2. RLCAR will provide the class attendee with a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

  3. No certificate will be issued until payment for the class is received in full.

  4. It is the responsibility of the class attendee to retain their certificate of completion for all education courses taken.

  5. Upon request RLCAR will reprint continuing education certificates. 


Program and Instructor Evaluations

Students will receive an evaluation form at the end of their class. We encourage you to share your insights…good or bad.  Suggestions on course topics are welcome.


Tracking Your Courses

RLCAR is only able to track courses that you have taken from RLCAR. If you have taken courses from another vendor (online, private provider, etc.), you will need to contact that vendor directly.



  1. RLCAR is given the right to cancel courses at their discretion where attendance is below minimum requirements, in the event of inclement weather or other such causes that would put the board or the attendees at risk.

  2. Cancellations for class attendance are accepted up to 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to the beginning of class. If you fail to cancel and do not attend, you will be assessed a “No Show Fee”. To cancel, you can do so either by email to or by calling us at (575) 257-4750.

  3. If an attendee reserves space for a course but is unable to attend the course and contacts the RLCAR office at least 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to the scheduled course date the registration will be considered cancelled, and the attendee will qualify for a full refund if payment has already been made.

  4. If a student reserves space for a course, but does not show up for the course, the member will be invoiced a “No-Show Fee” for the course.

  5. The student may substitute another person for their attendance in the class.

  6. Please keep in mind...Reserving a seat for a class and then not attending prevents other students from participating. We strictly enforce our cancellation policy. No exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation.



In the event of a no-show, no email, no call:

  1. Class attendees regardless of membership with RLCAR who register for a CE course and fail to attend the course for any reason will be assessed a no-show fee. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. The RLCAR Board of Directors will determine the amount of the no show fee annually See Appendix A for current Annual Dues and Fees, Miscellaneous Fees and Assessments.

  3. The no show fee must be paid within 30 days of the class date. If the no show fee is not paid within 30 days, the RLCAR Board of Directors will determine the appropriate course of action.

  4. The no show fee must be paid before the attendee can register for or attend any further continuing education events hosted by RLCAR.


Free Continuing Education

  1. RLCAR members may receive free continuing education.

  2. Any registered member of a free class that does not attend and does not notify RLCAR within 24 (twenty-four) hours of the class, will receive a no-show fee.


Waiting List

  1. Members and Non-Members who register for a course that is full will be placed on a waiting list for the course.

  2. If somebody who is registered for the course cancels the registrants will be moved off the waitlist in the order in which they were placed on the waitlist.

  3. RLCAR staff will contact anybody moved off the waitlist by 4pm the last business day before the class to let them know they are officially registered for the course.

  4. If a Member or Non-Member who is on the waitlist does not receive confirmation that they have been moved off the waitlist by 4pm the last business day before the event, they should assume they are not registered for the course and will not be granted entry into the course.



  1. Classes held at the association office have a “No Smoking” policy in all areas of the association. Students wishing to smoke must leave the building and go to a designated smoking area.

  2. Classes held off of the association campus must adhere to that facility’s smoking policy.

  3. Under no circumstances may a student leave a class to smoke.

  4. Students may smoke outside in the designated smoking area during scheduled classroom breaks.


  1. Food and drink may be permitted in the classroom at the discretion of the venue and/or instructor.

  2. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and placing used food or beverage containers in the trash baskets provided.

  3. If the students do not clean up the association will place a ban on food and drink in the classroom.

  4. No alcoholic beverages are permitted during classes.



Supplies needed may include paper, calculator, pens, highlighters, etc. These supplies are not included with the course.


Electronic Devices

  1. Noise making devices that are distracting: such as cell phones, computers, etc., should be turned off during class sessions.

  2. Taking notes on your laptop or tablet is permitted in class.

  3. Cell phone use other than at breaks is restricted for the comfort of other students.

  4. Students may not make phone calls; send emails; or send text messages while class is in session unless you have an emergency. In which case please alert your instructor.


Recording Devices

Audio or video recording of any class session is prohibited.


Course Conduct

RLCAR Leadership and Staff, in conjunction with the Instructor retain the right to dismiss an attendee from a course for any of the following reasons. The following list is not all-inclusive, and any behavior considered inappropriate, disruptive, non-cooperative or abusive is subject to disciplinary action.

  1. Failure to silence personal and/or business electronic devices (phones, laptops, etc.) as directed;

  2. Reading unrelated materials during class time including smart phones, blackberry or similar devices, etc.

  3. Talking during instructor lecture;

  4. Activities considered uncooperative, abusive, or otherwise disruptive in any way

  5. Harassing or abusive conduct (physical and/or verbal) to fellow Student(s), Instructor(s), Speakers, Association Staff, Association Members or Guests at any time, before or during a class.

  6. The instructor or any association staff may immediately expel any student violating any of these policies from the course and the student would forfeit any fees paid.


Virtual Training Policies

Students agree that they will comply with RLCAR virtual training policy when registering for a class.  When attending a virtual class with RLCAR, all students must adhere to the following regulations:

  1. When registering for a virtual training class, a zoom link and course materials will be sent by as soon as possible prior to class date.

  2. An RLCAR staff member will be monitoring each class.

  3. Login/check-in for class begins 15 minutes before the stated class start time and ends once the class begins. Students must be logged in and their identification verified by the proctor BEFORE the stated class start time.

  4. Students must login with their full name as listed on their real estate license. If their name is not clear, the proctor has permission to ask them to change it. If their identity is not made clear, they may not receive CE credit due to the inability to recognize the student.

  5. Students must be visible on camera and looking towards the camera AT ALL TIMES to receive CE credit. If we cannot prove that the student is paying attention, they may have to forfeit CE credit.

  6. Students may not take phone calls or “step away” from the camera during class to receive CE credit. Instructors will provide time for breaks and lunch (if applicable). During designated break/lunch time, attendees may take care of personal calls, emails, etc. NOTE: Attendees should NOT log out at any time during the class.

  7. Students may not participate in outside/separate work while attending class to receive CE credit.

  8. If an emergency or specific need arises, please use the “chat” feature to privately notify the proctor(s) of your situation.

  9. Students are also responsible for the performance of their own technology including audio volume, video clarity and reliable internet connection. We use the Zoom platform. For more information about Zoom, please check their website at Video, audio, and internet access are all needed to successfully “attend” class.

  10. Your camera must remain stable and UNMOVED during the course broadcast. Excessive camera movement is distracting and may result in a student’s removal from the class at the instructor’s discretion.

  11.  Virtual backgrounds are advised against. If the proctor or instructor find your background to be too distracting, or if they cannot see you clearly with said background, you will be asked to remove it, or risk being removed from the class.

  12. Class attendees may not share their computer with another attendee unless expressed permission has been granted by association staff.

  13. If at any time the instructor or the proctor deem it necessary to remove a student from the class, they have the right to do so, and the student will not receive CE credit for the class nor a refund.

  14. Students will be responsible for completing an evaluation and returning the document within 48 (forty-eight) hours to RLCAR. 


Instructor Policy and Procedures

Instructor Policy

  1. Speakers or Instructors shall refrain from personal or commercial solicitation of attendees.

    1. Solicitation includes any promotion from the platform, distribution of promotional materials or solicitation of attendees by use of student lists.

    2. Introductions will be limited to name, professional accomplishments in organized real estate or related field.

  2. Instructors and speakers shall not employ profanity, coarse or offensive language in any presentation under RLCAR auspices.

  3. All attendees, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, or other protected characteristics, have the right to a positive experience in an environment conducive to learning. All instructors are expected to promote such an environment.

  4. RLCAR courses are not a platform for Instructors to make personal, political and religious statements or statements that would impugn the integrity or reputation of the Ruidoso/Lincoln County Association of REALTORS®.

  5. All Instructors must follow the teaching outline and timetable as approved by NMREC.

  6. Any violations of any of the above policies will be reviewed by the Education Committee chair to determine if the alleged violation(s) need to be addressed by the Board of Directors.  Who will make a decision on what action is to be taken against the instructor or speaker up to dismissal of their services.

  7. Course survey results will be shared with the instructor within two weeks for review.


I have received and read the Ruidoso/Lincoln County Association of REALTORS® INSTRUCTOR POLICY.


Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

(Please Print Legibly)


Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: _____________________



A violation(s) of any of these policies will be taken to the Education Committee for review of alleged violation(s).  The Education Committee may decide on handling the violation(s) or may refer the incident(s) to the Board of Directors for further review.

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