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Affiliate Partner Program

Affiliate Partner Program

RLCAR's affiliate members are businesses like yours that provide important products and services to our REALTOR® members, home buyers and sellers. Our Affiliate Partner Program is designed as an opportunity for you to develop new contacts, increase exposure and gain visibility. Your generous financial support allows RLCAR to provide educational seminars, networking events, membership meetings, community service opportunities and much more to our REALTOR® members. This mutual partnership is a demonstration of your support of area REALTORS® and the valuable contribution they make to our economy, our communities, and our quality of life.

The impact a home sale has on local businesses is enormous! 

According to the National Association of REALTORS'® 2022 study, The Economic Impact a Typical Home Sale in New Mexico, the average economic impact of just one home sale in New Mexico is $93,800. Out of every home sold, $30,925 is income generated from the real estate industry in professional services like mortgage lenders, home inspectors, appraisers, homeowner's insurance, movers, along with purchases related to home purchase like furniture and remodeling expenses. The ripple effect of a home sale in New Mexico is significant, with the funds generated from one sector of the economy being reinvested into other areas of the economy such as grocery stores, clothing and shoe stores, hair and nail salons, house cleaning, landscape maintenance, auto repair, and more.


In 2022 there were 860 residential sales in Lincoln County which had a $39,361,340 impact on the economy of Lincoln County New Mexico. 
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Expand Your Business

If you're looking for a way to showcase your product or service to REALTORS® in the  area, becoming an Affiliate Partner is the key!

Your partnership with RLCAR provides you with the unique opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and form business alliances with our REALTOR® members. In turn, our REALTOR® members have the opportunity to meet industry professionals who provide services and products related to the real estate transaction even after the home is sold.

Who Can Be An Affiliate Member?

We welcome affiliate members whose business is in an allied field that provides products or services to the real estate industry, such as banks, mortgage companies, title companies, homeowner's insurance, home inspectors, plumbers, contractors, and more. (Affiliate members may not hold a real estate or appraiser license.)

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Become a Partner today!

Questions?  Contact the RLCAR Office by phone at (575) 257-4750 or

How Can I Get Involved?

As an affiliate member, you are in a unique position to both contribute to and benefit from the advancement of Lincoln County's real estate community. We encourage you to get involved and begin taking advantage of the many benefits your membership has to offer.

Throughout the year, RLCAR hosts a variety of education programs, networking events, and member programs that offer you the opportunity to meet with REALTORS® and grow your business. 

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