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Keys & Lockboxes

Keys & Lockboxes

Keys & Lockboxes

Our Supra key and lockbox system delivers the security, convenience, reliability and performance of infrared (DisplayKEY) or Bluetooth (eKEY app) technology in a compact, easy to use, fully-secured design.

Supra's Wireless Information Network provides brokers with a safe and reliable means for accessing and showing properties, and it provides agents with timely information about their listings.

Supra eKey Basic

Supra's eKEY® Basic software turns your smartphone into a lockbox key and brings a set of useful tools to your business. With eKEY Basic you can:

  • Set access hours to listings, change keybox shackle codes, and track keybox inventory

  • Get real-time data at the door, including a listing photo and current property notes

  • Quickly and easily show properties using the phone's biometric feature or even the Apple Watch®

  • Browse SupraWEB on your smartphone

  • Receive real-time showing information when showings start and end


Perform standard keybox operations and display information from your keybox on the screen of your Supra® DisplayKEY.

Automatically update the information in your DisplayKEY and send data to the Supra network by daily placing it on a cradle that also serves as your battery charger.

The DisplayKEY cradle connects to the Supra network through a phone line or through a USB cable connected to your computer.

More models of smartphones and tablets communicate directly with the iBox BT LE keybox than any other Supra keybox. No additional hardware is required for most phones, including the newest models of iPhone and iPad. You can check your phone's compatibility on the Compatible eKEY Device List.


iBox BT LE is equipped with a large key container, that can hold both gate cards and keys. The shackle is​ completely removed from the key box for easy handling when placing the iBox BT LE on a property.


The iBox BT LE communicates directly with most phones or tablets via infrared (IR), Bluetooth® (BT), and Low-Energy Bluetooth (BT LE) technologies.  Please note that iPhone and iPad devices released before the iPhone 4S require a small adapter to communicate with iBox BT LE keyboxes​​.

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