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Don’t get caught in a data interruption! Switch to API today.


A drawback of using RETS is that it requires a complete download of the entire MLS database onto local servers and updates as needed. This requires a lot of time and even more server space. The APIs support live queries, allowing users to request data from our APIs in real-time and pass the response straight through to their website or app’s user.



It is easier to integrate with third-party applications with minimized coding requirements. RETS field names are not human-readable and apply only to one MLS, but the APIs offer a greater level of standardization.


The use of API gives MLSs and MLS participants/subscribers the same technology already being used by other real estate technology firms.

  • When do I need to complete the transfer from RETS to API?
    You will need to have completed the changeover to API by 3/31/2024.
  • Am I going to lose my current RETS feed?
    All feeds that are currently set up as RETS will continue to work until the fore-mentioned date. All Vendors are encouraged to begin transitioning existing RETS feeds to Web API as soon as possible. RETS access for RLCAR MLS data will only be available until March 31, 2024. Participants should contact their website Vendors now to transition to API.
  • Will there be a cost to transfer to API?
    No. RLCAR MLS will not charge a set-up fee to the current MLS Participant as they transition their existing data feeds to API.
  • Will I need to complete a new Participant and License Agreement?
    No. The existing agreement will remain in place for all existing data feeds.
  • What happens after March 31, 2024?
    After March 31, 2024 , RETS access will no longer be available. All Vendors are encouraged to begin transitioning existing RETS feeds to Web API as soon as possible. Participants should contact their website Vendors now to transition to API.
  • Where can I find more information about Web API?
    You can find technical information here: You can find more general information here:
  • Is the process to get a data feed changing?
    Yes. Your Vendor will request a data license on your behalf in the Spark API Datamart. Both the Broker (QB) and Licensee (AB), if applicable will be asked to authorize the request. Here is a more detailed look at how this new process works: When a broker or agent contacts a website vendor to request an IDX feed, the vendor informs the Spark platform. Spark contacts the requestor (the Broker for an office website or the Agent for an individual agent website) to obtain their Flexmls LOGIN only. (Do not provide them with your password as it is not required.) Once Spark receives the requestor’s flexmls login, they send a Review Approval Request from to the email address on file in Flex. It is vital you watch for an email from this address (and check your Spam/Junk folders) to ensure you receive your Review Approval Request. When the requestor clicks Review Approval Request, an email is then sent to the Brokerage office for a Review Approval Request. Once the QB and AB, if applicable, approves the Spark system sends a request to RLCAR MLS for final approval. When all parties, including the MLS, complete the Review Approval Request, all signed agreements are received, and setup and access fees are paid the Spark API system will then authorize the data request and the process is complete. Please ensure the email address you have in Flexmls is a current, working address so that the approval process may be completed in a timely manner.
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