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Win a Custom Motorcycle

Win a Custom Motorcycle

Vision and Purpose

Riding with the Brand 2023 is a nationwide, multi-stop association member activation tour. NAR will partner with state REALTOR® associations while conducting events across the country that showcase the value of REALTORS®, our association, and the importance of real estate and REALTORS® to local communities. We will engage with local elected officials, community leaders, and the media to highlight everything from market condition trends to REALTOR® supported programs and policy initiatives.


The goal is to engage thousands of members nationwide by executing visits that can support member engagement, member recruitment and retention, and community engagement. This multi-stop tour will feature pop-up events that showcase a branded vehicle with substantial facilities to capture member testimonials. Engaging activities will also be offered to help current and future member prospects learn about the vast array of benefits provided by local, state and national REALTOR® associations.

Participants Can Win a Custom Motorcycle

Participants can win a custom motorcycle with both the NAR and Riding with the Brand campaign themes. Members will have the opportunity to participate in a nationwide sweepstakes for this grand prize. All proceeds raised will funnel directly to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation, which helps U.S. communities rebuild and recover after natural disasters and other destructive events. 

To enter, donate a minimum of $50 to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation. Limit of three (3) separate Donation Entries per person.

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